4-Station Luxury Restroom/Shower/Laundry Combo Trailers

Introducing a flexible and high-quality option for glamping, job sites, schools, and home improvements—a super efficient unit carefully made to fit many different needs.

Why Choose Our 4-Station Luxury Restroom/Shower/Laundry Combo Trailers?

Versatility: Whether you’re hosting a glamping event, managing a bustling job site, overseeing a school function, or renovating your home, our combo trailers adapt seamlessly to various settings and requirements.

High-Quality Construction: Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our trailers boast superior craftsmanship and durable materials, ensuring long-lasting performance in any environment.

Efficiency: With four stations for restroom, shower, and laundry facilities, our combo trailers optimize space without compromising on comfort or functionality. Say goodbye to long queues and hello to streamlined operations.

Convenience: Experience the convenience of having all essential amenities in one compact unit. From freshening up after a day of adventure to tackling laundry tasks on the go, our combo trailers offer unmatched convenience wherever you need it.

Tailored Solutions for Every Need:

Whether you’re a campground owner looking to enhance guest experience, a construction manager prioritizing hygiene and comfort for your crew, a school administrator organizing outdoor events, or a homeowner embarking on a renovation project, our 4-Station Luxury Restroom/Shower/Laundry Combo Trailers are the perfect solution for your needs.

Upgrade Your Experience Today:

Don’t settle for ordinary portable facilities. Elevate your experience with our 4-Station Luxury Combo Trailers and enjoy the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and quality. Contact us now to learn more and discover how our combo trailers can transform your next event or project!

Standard Features

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  • Each Private Bathroom has 1 Toilet, 1 Sink, 1 Shower, 1 Power outlet
  • 1 Samsung Washer, 1 Dryer in Separate Room
  • 1 gfci electrical outlet in each room
  • Equipped with AC/Heating
  • White China Toilets with Foot Flush
  • Interior & Exterior LED Lights
  • Hot and Cold Water Controls
  • Shower Heads Metered to 1.5 GPM
  • Seamless Gel-coated Fiberglass Walls, Ceiling, and Sub-floor
  • Oversized Mirrors with Decorative Frames
  • Stainless Steel Sinks
  • Smart Touch Digital Thermostat


Number of Stations4
Number of Washer/Dryer1 Stack
Length w/ Tongue26′ 4″
Width w/ Stairs12′ 4″
Height w/ AC11′ 4″
Fresh Water Tank105 Gallons
Waste Tank750 Gallons
Power RequirementsOne dedicated 220 Volt-50 amp circuit within 100 feet of trailer (min of Two 110v-20 amp for basic functions)
No. of AC Units1
4-Station Luxury Restroom/Shower/Laundry Combo Trailers Outdoor View - The Lavatory SoCal
4-Station Luxury Restroom/Shower/Laundry Combo Trailers Floorplan View - The Lavatory SoCal

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